Lawn Maintenance and Fertilizing

We service local residential and commercial properties.  We maintain homes, business, retention basins, and common grounds.  Every lawn is different and has different needs than the next.  One thing for sure is that well maintained, green, healthy grass can give you the finishing touches on your curb appeal (and maybe even make your neighbors envy you).  We provide a weekly lawn cutting service which aways consist of mowing, trimming (weedwacking), edging hard surfaces, removing debris from the lawn and blowing off any grass on hard surfaces.  Additional services can also be added such as weeding your landscape beds and trimming any shrubs that may need trimming.  

If you want to go above and beyond getting your grass cut every week, we also provide a fertilizing service.  This service is a series of seven treatments that take place throughout the year.  Fertilizing your turf keeps up on the health of the grass plant as well as the roots.  In making the grass stronger and thicker, weeds have less of a chance to thrive in your turf.  Proper watering is an essential part to have a successful lawn fertilizing program.  We can advise how often to water during the season.  

​Horrible lawns can not be improved overnight, unless of course you want to resod your whole yard.  This is usually an unecessary cost if you have the patience and the time to get your lawn looking great.  We offer additonal services listed below to really speed up the  improvement.  Fall is a great time to restore your lawn. 

*Core aeration and seeding – Plugs of soil are lifted to allow compacted soil to loosen. This allows for water, oxygen, fertilizer, and vital nutrients to further promote root growth of turf. The holes also provide a great growing space for new seed. Thicker turf will allow minimal room for weeds to grow.  
*Dethatching – Dead grass is removed from the top layer of soil. This layer may prohibit sufficient water and nutrients from reaching the root. Dethatching is essentially “power raking” that layer to prevent an environment known for turf pest infestations and diseases.  
*Lime Application- if needed with PH test
Serving Mullica Hill, Mantua, Wenonah, West Deptford, Sewell, Woodbury, Deptford, Woodstown, Swedesboro, Mickleton, Paulsboro, Glassboro, Gibbstown, and surrounding areas