Landscape work is one of the most important pieces to our business hence the name "Johnsons Landscaping". Landscaping is essentially moving dirt, plants, mulch, and stone and positioning it in a certain way to provide an appealing, welcoming look to your home or commercial building. This may seem like an easy enough project to tackle yourself and in this economy, many will try to do so. The problem is that without the proper labor and equipment it is an exhausting and physically taxing job. We have trucks that dump, large trailers and skid loaders to move earth and awesome laborers that love their work. 

Not only is the work labor intensive, a great amount of knowledge is needed to know where to position shrubbery and trees. Will they get enough or too much water? Will they get enough sun or too much sun? Is the soil sufficient for the new planting to thrive in? Tree and shrubs have different growing rates. Some are slow growers and others grow very fast. Often times those fast growing plants will have to get replaced within a few years if they are were positioned too close to other plants, shrubs or trees. Johnsons will make sure that the health of your new investment is not sacrificed by any of these common mistakes. 

When you hire us to work for you, a design is implemented and sure up between customer and designer. All of the plants are hand selected from a various number of local nurseries and dealers. The install will then take place. Trucks, trailers, tractors, workers, plants, tools and anything else needed for your job will be onsite until the completion of your project. After the install we will advise you when to water the new plantings and how often. We will let you know if and how they should be trimmed and when. You can rest assure that the install will last you for many years when properly maintained. 

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New Landscape
Stone Walls
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